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Technology Parks Forum

  • DATE: November 14th, 2018,
    Wednesday, 9 a.m.- 7 p.m
  • VENUE: Kielce Technology Park
    6 Karol Olszewski Street


Be the first to know about:
  • factors influencing the specialization of Parks in Poland;
  • methods of supporting the development of start-ups in our country;
  • tools, procedures and processes available at Technology Parks;
  • examples of good business acceleration practices;
  • possibilities of creating currently popular co-bags in Technology Parks;
  • the latest data on the number and capacity of Parks and Economic Zones in Poland;
  • facts and myths circulating around cooperation between Technology Parks and Economic Zones;
  • investment potential and further direction of economic development of the City of Kielce.


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Why to attend?

The BSS Tour Kielce: Technology Parks Forum is the sixth meeting this year organized as part of the nationwide conference series hosted by the Pro Progressio Foundation. This time, the organizers focused on the theme of Technology Parks in Poland, which perform various functions and are located throughout the country, supporting local business development. As a permanent part of the business ecosystem of cities and provinces, they became the leitmotiv of the event in Kielce. The purpose of the event is to discuss the area of Park professionalization, their tools supporting business development, as well as their relations with Special Economic Zones. Representatives of Parks and Zones from all over Poland, as well as representatives of companies that are their tenants, were invited to participate in the discussion panels.

The BSS Tour Kielce aims to discover, describe and bring up the area of issues related to the activities of Technology Parks and Economic Zones, which increase the investment attractiveness of regions in the eyes of potential tenants and perceive them as institutions which are business friendly. The order of discussion panels and their issues will lead the participants through a number of areas in which business activities are carried out, thus giving a comprehensive picture of the professionalization of Parks in Poland. Starting from historical knowledge about their development, through discussion of start-up support tools and business acceleration in Parks, and discussions about their coworking capabilities, ending with the show of relations between Parks and Economic Zones. The goal of the event is also to present the investment potential of the City of Kielce. During the event, a contract for the implementation of the 7R Park Kielce investment will be signed.


09.00-09.40 Registration of participants and morning coffee
09.40-09.50 Welcome Speech by the Vice Mayor of the city of Kielce and the Director of the Kielce Technology Park
09.50-10.30 Presentation: Technological Parks and Economic Zones in numbers Marcin Włodarczyk (Regional Director, Łódź, Colliers International)
10.30-11.30 Discussion panel: Park Professionalization - support for key areas of the Polish economy Wiktor Doktór (CEO, Pro Progressio)
Andrzej Półgrabski (President of the Management Board, Bydgoszcz Industrial and Technological Park)
Marek Cieślak (Chairman of the Board, Lodz Bionanopark )
Szymon Mazurkiewicz (Director , Kielce Technology Park)
11.30-12.00 Coffee break
12.00-13.00 Start-up support tools and business acceleration in Parks Wiktor Doktór (CEO, Pro Progressio)
Katarzyna Witkowska (Business Development Department Manager, Pomerania Technopark)
Szymon Mazurkiewicz (Director , Kielce Technology Park)
Tomasz Małecki (Chairman of the Board, Lublin Science and Technology Park)
Wojciech Przybylski (President of the Board, Krakow Technology Park )
13.00-14.00 Lunch
14.00-15.10 Introduction and panel discussion: Parks as a coworking zone Wiktor Doktór (CEO, Pro Progressio)
Ewelina Solecka (Workplace Consulting Manager , Nowy Styl Group)
Karina Trafna (CEO, KIDS&Co.)
Marcin Włodarczyk (Regional Director, Łódź, Colliers International)
Radosław Szwugier (Founder, CoSpot)
15.10-16.10 Discussion panel: The impact of parks on the development of economic zones vs. the impact of Economic Zones on Park development Wiktor Doktór (CEO, Pro Progressio)
Barbara Kostyra (Director , AEROPOLIS Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park )
Marcin Perz (President of the Board, "Starachowice" Special Economic Zone)
Paweł Lulewicz (Vice President of the Board, Pomeranian Special Economic Zone)
Tomasz Małecki (Chairman of the Board, Lublin Science and Technology Park)
16.10-16.20 End of the conference
16.20-19.00 Cocktail and networking
  • Moderator   Speaker


  • Marcin Perz
  • President, MBA, DBA, "Starachowice" Special Economic Zone
  • 2010-2015 Director of the Regional Science and Technology Center, 2006-2010 Member of the Board of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodship responsible for European funds. Originator and author of the Leonardo da Vinci Center for Science in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship (opened in September 2014). Originator and author of the first Public Cordial Stem Cell Bank in Poland within Świętokrzyski Biobank (opening took place on November 4th, 2014). One of the co-organizers of the largest robotics competition in the world - the European Rover Challenge.
  • Andrzej Półgrabski
  • President of the Management Board, Bydgoszcz Industrial and Technological Park
  • Since 2011 he has been associated with Bydgoszcz Industrial and Technological Park, and since 2013 he has been managing the Company as the President of the Management Board. He successfully administered the acquisition of several significant investors.Together with his team, he completed several investment projects that contributed to the attractiveness of the Park. Their value exceeds 120 million PLN. In 2018 he started the project of building ‘fab labs / living labs’: a modern facility which will function as a demonstration centre. He gained professional experience in large companies dealing in telecommunications, real estate and rail transport.
  • Tomasz Małecki
  • Chairman of the Board, Lublin Science and Technology Park
  • Animator of the Lublin Start-up ecosystem, initiator of many business and science cooperation projects, seed fund manager INNOVA-Invest investing in Lublin innovations and managing the start-up platform for new ideas - CONNECT start platform, mentor and juror in start-up competitions in Poland and the EU.
  • Wiktor Doktór
  • CEO, Pro Progressio
  • Wiktor Doktór is the Outsourcing Industry Expert specialized in a wide range of outsourcing activities, including BPO, R&D, ITO, Call and Contact Centre as well as in the subject of nearshoring and offshoring. He is the CEO of Pro Progressio - the consulting and advisory organization in the area of modern business services. Wiktor is one of the top outsourcing personalities in Poland, many times awarded for his work focused on the development and growth of outsourcing industry. Wiktor and Pro Progressio are European Partners of German Outsourcing Association, IAOP and GSA as well as other global outsourcing associations.
  • Wojciech Przybylski
  • President of the Board, Krakow Technology Park
  • sociologist, over 10 years of experience in regional policy and innovation policy planning & implementation, since 2012 responsible for Krakow Technology Park development and projects, and since January 2016 – President of the Board. Graduated from Jagiellonian University, studied also one year at Humboldt University Berlin. After his studies worked at Tischner European University, teaching sociology, conducting research (incl. R&D commercialization) project and coordinating the International Office. Used to work in a couple of think-tanks dealing with public policy, both planning and evaluation.
  • Barbara Kostyra
  • Director , AEROPOLIS Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park
  • Knowledge and management experience in the field of science parks and incubators. 1988-2004 - Work in the Industrial Chemistry Research Institute in Warsaw - implementation of targeted projects regarding new technologies and products. Since 2006 – Work in Rzeszow Regional Development Agency – implementation of investment and consulting projects (12 years of experience). III.2014- VIII.2017 – Vice President of the Board in RRDA. Since V.2017 - Board Member of Polish Business and Innovation Centers Association in Poland. Since 2017 – Member of Economic Council by the Chemistry Department of Rzeszow University of Technology Since 2011 – Cooperation with EURO-PARK Mielec Special Economic Zone – Member of the Tender Board
  • Karina Trafna
  • CEO, KIDS&Co.
  • Since 2006 she has been developing in Poland a project of parents' support in raising children. Founder of modern, bilingual kindergartens and co-author of programs implementing the ideas of raising a new generation of Poles. Successfully combining the experience gained on the capital market with the development of KIDS&Co. – the first nationwide edu-operator specializing in launching and managing corporate and office park kindergartens. On a daily basis a mother of two young men: 7-year-old Frank and 12-year-old Filip.
  • Szymon Mazurkiewicz
  • Director , Kielce Technology Park
  • He is a co-author of many system solutions within a scope of functioning of parks and incubators of technology, projects of economic activation and entrepreneurship. In the current period of the E.U. programming he performs a function of an expert of the Ministry of Development in the field of indirect support of enterprises (among others incubators of enterprises, clasters, transfer of knowledge, parks of industry and technology, and parks science and technology). He is an active member of the Section of Parks and Incubators of Technology of the Society of Organizers of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers in Poland. In 2009 he received the 1st award in the 2009 Euroleader Competition organized by the Minister of Regional Development. Since April 2008 he has been Director of the Kielce Technology Park.
  • Marcin Włodarczyk
  • Regional Director, Łódź, Colliers International
  • He specializes in the representation of tenants of office space. Director of Investor Service Bureau at Lodz City Hall and member of Supervisory Board of Łódź Regional Technology Park in 2013-2014. Head of Investor Service and proxy at Lodz SEZ (2006-2013).
  • Marek Cieślak
  • Chairman of the Board, Lodz Bionanopark
  • A graduate of the Faculty of Law at the University of Lodz (1984). Legal adviser - since 1989. Over 20 years of experience in public administration, including Director of the Senate Office of the Republic of Poland, deputy mayor of Sieradz, vice-president of Łódź. Over 10 years of managerial experience, including: President of the Board of the Łódź Special Economic Zone, Vice President of the Management Board of MPK, President of the Lodz Bionanopark and Technology Transfer Center of the Lodz University of Technology, member of the Management Board of the "Bioeconomy Cluster Association”. In 2008 he was awarded the "Professional Manager of the Łódź Voivodeship" award. A councilman of the Łódź Voivodeship Council for two terms, the founder and currently the Vice-President of the Association of Municipalities of the Lodz Metropolitan Area, covering 30 units of the Lodz agglomeration's self-government. He participated in the work of teams preparing development strategies for the Lodz region, the Łódź agglomeration and the City of Łódź.
  • Ewelina Solecka
  • Workplace Consulting Manager , Nowy Styl Group
  • Business psychologist, consultant, researcher and the trainer. She specializes in the field of organization research with particular emphasis on Workplace. Analyzes modern office solutions and ways to organize workspace, including psychological concepts. For more than four years, she has been working at the Nowy Styl Group's Research and Consulting Center. Currently, she manages a team of Workplace Consulting, responsible for preparing and conducting dedicated research processes of workplaces that aim to optimize the arrangement of office space and support the reorganization of the work style.
  • Katarzyna Witkowska
  • Business Development Department Manager, Pomerania Technopark
  • Innovation consultant. Founder and CEO of the ICT Cluster - an association of 80 IT companies operating in Poland (West Pomerania Region). Co-develops and consults strategies in the area of innovation implementation, financing and business development. An expert evaluating start up and young entrepreneurs business plans. Experienced in the field of creating new business services, building relations with business partners and developing business support organizations. Initiator of events promoting technological entrepreneurship. Strongly supports women in ICT initiatives. Project coordinator in the area of technological entrepreneurship development and business innovation. She co-created the brand and built the Technopark Pomerania business support services. Currently Business Development Department Manager at Technopark Pomerania.
  • Radosław Szwugier
  • Founder, CoSpot
  • Business practitioner, specialist in the field of managing innovative projects. Experienced in the implementation of business concepts from scratch. Responsible for modern office and PR solutions for the places, which he manages. Specialist in creative marketing. Multitasking and goal-oriented implementation. For half a year, he has been creating a new design of the creative office space CoSpot inspired by the global coworking trend at the highest level. Organizer of mass events. Specialist in the area of obtaining additional EU and City Council funds. A professional in the field of engaging sponsors and investors. Managing and monitoring budgets of implemented projects.
  • Paweł Lulewicz
  • Vice President of the Board, Pomeranian Special Economic Zone
  • He has got 10 years of experience in supporting businesses at every stage of their development. He was responsible for attracting investors to Warmia and Mazury Special Economic Zone in 2007 -2011. From 2011 to 2017 he created the first technological park in Elbląg from scratch. Under his management, Elbląg Technology Park got certified by Polish Center for Accreditation and became a model for other park labs in Poland. He has participated in a number of projects regarding knowledge transfers which lead to new technological solutions. He actively supports small technological enterprises specializing in networking, fundraising and R&D services. He majored in Russian Philology and he also has background in management, accounting and managing process of technology transfer from a prestigious SGH Warsaw School of Economics.
  • Tadeusz Sayor
  • Vice Mayor , City of Kielce
  • He graduated in the field of Industrial Electronics at the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science of the Silesian University of Technology. His professional career was associated with the Factory of Specialized Vehicles "SHL" in Kielce (currently ZWM "SHL" S.A.), where he worked in various positions. He completed courses, including for members of Supervisory Boards and Management Training in British Industry in London. He speaks English. As the Deputy President of the City, Kielce exercises direct supervision over the tasks carried out by the departments and organizational units of the Kielce City Hall.


Kielce Technology Park is the place focused on innovation and creativity and, above all. The Park offers a modern and professionally prepared infrastructure and fully developed investment areas. Kielce Technology Park
6 Karol Olszewski Street
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